Meet the 2019 Speakers

Some of our speakers have given talk after talk; others have never stood on stage. Some of our speakers are experienced professionals; others are hard-working students. TEDxUniversityofMississippi is excited to showcase their individual ideas worth spreading with the hope that through diversity of thought and inspiration, the human condition can find new ways forward. 

Christian Anschuetz

Christian Anschuetz is UL’s Chief Digital Officer (CDO), responsible for embedding innovative technology and digital trends in operations to accelerate growth and enhance clients’ ability to predict and address regulatory and safety considerations in their value chains. He is passionate about the value trust brings to modern supply chains and the role data plays in delivering that trust. 

Prior to joining UL, Christian was the CIO for Publicis Groupe, the 3rd largest communication company in the world. In addition to holding several other executive positions, Christian also founded a successful technology services boutique focused on cyber security, providing penetration testing and security services to firms as early as 1998.

Christian holds degrees from the University of Michigan and Strayer University. He is also a proud veteran of the United States Marine Corps and the founder of the innovative nonprofit, Project RELO.

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Luc Rébillout

My name is Luc Rébillout, in 2014 I was studying aerospace engineering in France when I got a chance to spend a few months at Ole Miss for an internship. It worked out so well that in 2016 I came back to pursue a PhD in Hydro-science where now I play with water and sand!

Coming here has been one of the most life-changing events for me, I went through the different stages of culture shock that many foreigners go through when coming to the United States but I found friends and family that showed me how to love this place!

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Josie Nicholson

Josie Nicholson is a Licensed Psychologist specializing in sport performance and a Certified Mental Performance Consultant. A native of Oxford, MS, Dr. Nicholson joined Ole Miss Athletic’s Health and Sport Performance Staff in 2012. She received a B.A. in Psychology and Visual Arts from Loyola University New Orleans where she was a student-athlete and her M.S. and Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Southern Mississippi. She completed a postdoctoral fellowship in sport psychology at the University of Florida. Josie and her husband Steven have two sons, Claiborne and Steele and two German Shepherds, Shiloh and Nanuk.

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Steven Soifer, Ph.D.

Our best estimate is that 500 million, or at least 7% of the world’s population have trouble using, or issues with, public restrooms. Many of us never think about, much less share with others, our concerns or fears about public toilets. Yet these issues can prevent people from doing their jobs well, or even at all; hinder or prevent people from travelling almost anywhere; and even interfere with or prevent people from having friendships or intimate relationships. The primary reasons are shy bladder (medically known as paruresis); shy bowel (medically known as parcopresis), incontinence (the need to urinate very frequently, or bowel diseases of one sort of another (e.g. colostomy bag) often with little or no control over the process. Moreover, restroom design, or lack thereof,can also be a major hindrance to people with bathroom issues. My goal is to raise public awareness about these issues, and to bring the U.S. into the 21st century regarding toilet issues (Asia and much of Europe are already there).

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Jenny A. Urban

Get through airport security faster or check a bag with the tap of your fingers or a scan of your eyes? Experience artificial intelligence in flight? These technologies are crafting the future of aviation, but how does that impact current regulations both within the U.S and abroad?

Innovation in air travel allows for a better customer experience and frictionless process; however, regulations must be updated to ensure aviation security. Aviation attorney Jenny Urban will explain why private-public partnerships, information sharing, and international collaboration are the key to revising the aviation regulatory sphere to incorporate technical advancements in this globally connected industry.

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Glenn Parsons

I am presently a Professor in the Biology Department and I am Director of the University of Mississippi Center for Biodiversity and Conservation Research. My undergraduate degree is from the University of Alabama, Birmingham, my Masters’ Degree from the University of South Alabama and my Doctoral Degree is from the University of South Florida, School of Marine Science.

I have been recognized and received awards for my marine and freshwater conservation research by the World Wildlife Fund, the Rolex Corporation, the Walton Foundation for Marine Research, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, two different governors of Mississippi, the National Marine Fisheries Service, The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Mississippi Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, and various other organizations. I was asked to testify as a shark expert before the U. S. Congress last year.

I have directed to completion 18 Master’s and Doctoral graduate students, many of them shark biologists. I have studied sharks for the past 40 years, published over 100 scientific papers, reports, books, and popular articles on sharks and other fishes, and received millions of dollars of grant funds to investigate shark and fish biology.

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Zaire Love

The South is situated as a universal and global benchmark of how to take what society says is backwards, slow, or regressive and change the narrative. The global recognition of two Southern black women, Beyonce Knowles Carter and Fannie Lou Hammer, has helped diversify the South's narrative by illustrating how their unapologetic ownership of their identity as southern black women has solidified their place in history as global icons for freedom of expression, social justice, and activism.

Let these women's stories inspire you to embrace what you ain't supposed to and see how free you can be, chile.

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Jakob Anseman

Throughout life, society frequently subjects autistic and other neurodivergent people to social and economic alienation,which has had disastrous consequences for the demographics.In his TEDx speech, Jakob, a student with Asperger's Syndrome, will share information and experiences derived from various readings and his personal life regarding the mistreatment of people similar to him and will share his thoughts and ideas dedicated to strengthening and advancing the Autism Acceptance movement.

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